Week 3: Spanish Culture vs. American Culture


As I’ve said before in my previous blogs, the Spanish and Catalonian culture are very different from American culture.

Lets begin with…the people!

Students in the school are extremely loud and they not not expected to be quiet while they are in the hallways. While the students are expected to be quiet in the classrooms, they often shout when answering questions and yell at other classmates when having a normal conversation. Also, the students are always wandering around in the hallways. They are often found in the stairwells on their iPads or in their classroom by themselves, socializing with friends. In American schools, students are expected to be respectful in the hallways and keep their voices low. Students are not allowed to be out of class without permission in the states, and if they do have permission, they still aren’t allowed to be hanging out in the hallways or empty classrooms.

The general public in Catalonia seems to be the opposite of the school. People are quiet while walking their dogs or getting lunch/dinner with friends. The people mostly keep to themselves and speak quietly in public. Also, the people are extremely nice! If you get lost, just ask someone and they will be happy to help. I think the general public is very much like southern Americans.

Next, the food!

While I imagined that I would love the Mediterranean diet of the Spanish culture, I have found that I do not. They mix very strange things together here. For example, at school today we could get pasta, sausage, and french fries for lunch. While these things are great separately, they are not all that great mixed together. Also, they eat a lot of spinach, potatoes, and bland foods that need a bunch of salt. Unlike America, the drink portions are sooooooo small. They give you the smallest glasses for drinks that you have ever seen AND no ice!

While the students are hard to handle sometimes and the food is far from my favorite, I will miss the students I have gotten to know and I may even miss a few Spanish delicacies, like patatas bravas.


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