Week 4: Lasting Impressions…


Oh Barcelona, how I will miss you!

While this trip has been stressful on so many levels (jet lag, culture shock, and students), I am going to miss this city so very much. The people are amazing, the culture is amazing, and the weather is AH-MAZ-ING.

I don’t think I mentioned this is any of my other blogs, but these people drink chocolate out of a cup. I repeat: OUT OF A CUP. They sleep in late and go to bed late. They eat pastries like it’s their God given right. Everyone owns a dog. These are my kind of people.

Not only will I miss Barcelona, I will miss being so close to other European countries. Last weekend a couple friends and myself traveled to Naples, Italy and took a ferry ride to the Isle of Capri. The flight was only 2 hours! My last weekend consisted of flying to Paris. While a flight from the United States to Europe cost roughly $1,000 round trip, a flight from Spain to France only cost approximately $150. By the way, if you ever get a chance to visit Capri, DO IT! Don’t question my advice, just do it.

One last thing, while I will not miss this school, I have gained a new found appreciation for the American school system. American schools have stability and organization. While teachers may not be drowning in paper-work in Spain, at least American teachers can plan their lessons more than a day in advance and do not have to rely on technology to help facilitate learning. I must say though, students in Spain legitimately seem to want to learn. Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth trying to get students to learn, but if (and I mean if) you can get the attention of Spanish students, they answer questions without being prompted and seem to interested in what you are teaching them.

To conclude, I am going to miss Barcelona so very much and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be back in this beautiful city one day.


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